The Wonderful World of Writing for Wee Ones!

A fun idea under five bucks!

I’ve been so inspired creatively by participating in the picture book challenge that I decided to express myself through my daughter’s bedroom walls. I used all old paints I had from pervious rooms in our house, a bristle brush dipped in paint for the grass and found a tub scrubber sponge at Home Depot for the flower petals. The butterfly sponge was in our craft drawer. So the whole project cost me $4.28!

When I can combine cheap and creative I get excited…maybe you have some fun sponge art ideas in mind for your next room painting project?

clarice room 1 clarice room 2


An Inspiring Month Ahead…

Thanks to my incredible LITtle Ladies PB critique group, I just took the “30 in 30” challenge to come up with 30 ¬†picture book ideas each day in November. This post kicks off my children’s writer blog and hopefully move us all to a contract in our futures:0)…